Eliminating Social Justice Warriors from Our Kid’s Classrooms

Throughout our District and our nation, social justice warriors are infiltrating our schools, being paid millions of dollars by far left school board members, to indoctrinate our children.

I am presently leading an important fight against the Santa Barbara Unified School District to help rid that district of the outrageous indoctrination going on up there that far left school board members and their Superintendent are forcing upon the student population, in most instances without parental knowledge. I have received calls from parents all over the nation who have told me about similar things happening in their public schools. Once in Congress, I plan to take this fight to school districts here and around the nation. School again must be a place where our children can learn to think critically – and not be told how they should and must think – and to get a solid education that will be a basis for a sound future. Our public schools must not be breeding grounds where our kids are taught hatred for our great country and the history of our nation.