We Support Eric Early

Dear Eric,

Congratulations! You have received the endorsement from the Santa Barbara County Republican Party. We will add your name to our website and have a link to your campaign. You will also be included on any slates or door hangers that we distribute for the race.

Thank you for attending our regular meeting. It was a very interesting presentation from both candidates. However, Eric, you have earned the respect and loyalty from many of our members. We are so grateful for all of the work you have done on the behalf of our community and we all think you will make a terrific Attorney General.

Thank you for running for this office. Let us know how we can help your campaign.

“The California College Republicans are proud to back Eric Early for Attorney General of California. Eric is the fighter we need to save this state; from standing with law enforcement and the Second Amendment, to securing our elections, to fighting to end the evil Critical Race Theory in schools — Eric is standing up for We The People.” – Will Donahue, Chairman of CCR.

“I am proud to have this tremendous endorsement. There is perhaps no group more important to the Republican party than our next generation of fighters and leaders. They are our future. California College Republicans provide all of us with hope during these dark times, that the fight for freedom, liberty and American greatness, will prevail and never end,” said Eric.

James Fenkner, the co-Founder of Fair Education Santa Barbara, endorsed Eric Early for California Attorney General 2022.[1]

“Eric Early is a real life hero.  He is brave, wise, and cares deeply for the future of California. Eric Early was on the forefront of protecting teachers, staff and children from bigotry and hate and in defending taxpayers from rampant fraud and abuse.  Eric was the country’s very first lawyer to challenge the poison of Critical Race Theory in our K-12 schools.  He is tenacious, principled, and highly effective.  Thanks to Mr. Early, our school district was forced to part ways with the initial purveyor of Critical Race Theory poison.  Should Mr. Early’s ongoing efforts prove successful, it will be harder for activist school boards to bucket money to their self-serving radicals and away from the real educational needs of our students.”

Fenkner continued, “I believe that for California to survive we need to elect our own Abraham Lincoln.  Someone with the tenacity and courage to fight for justice, emancipate all children from the mental slavery of Critical Race Theory, and reenforce the Republican Party’s foundational pillars of inclusivity, equality and opportunity for all.  Vote Eric Early, before it’s too late.”


[1]            Mr. Fenkner makes this endorsement in his individual capacity, and not on behalf of Fair Education Santa Barbara (which is a non-profit organization), and thus, which does not make any political endorsements, no matter how compelling.

“I strongly endorse Eric Early to be our next Attorney General. The people of California need a strong law and order attorney general who supports law enforcement and safe communities.  Expedited release programs for prison inmates and liberal bail policies for those who commit serious crimes have caused crime rates to spike.  Homelessness has reached epidemic proportions despite billions of dollars being wasted by local and state government. Yet, the problem has continued to grow at an alarming rate. Most of our current elected officials are followers – not leaders.  We need Eric Early to take these issues on and fight for us – the people who built our state and want it to continue to be the laboratory for the future.”

“Mike’s long public service career is hard to match.  His commitment to the issues I care about have been a source of inspiration.  He is a political legend and I greatly value his advice and support. I am incredibly proud to call Mike a friend and mentor.  I am honored to have this important endorsement,” said Eric

Mike Antonovich was elected to the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors in 1980 and continued to serve the people for 36 years.  He worked closely with local mayors, city and town councils and business leaders to find local solutions to transportation, public safety and economic development. Prior to serving the 10 million people of the County, Mike served as a member of the state assembly and the Los Angeles Community College Board of Trustees after teaching history at a public school.

“As a business owner himself, Eric Early understands the critical importance of creating a supportive environment in California for job creating businesses of all sizes – small entrepreneurial businesses, mid-size companies, as well as large corporate entities. Eric is committed to a state government that actively encourages business growth and expansion in order to create more good paying jobs and a thriving business environment that is essential to California.”

“Especially given the impact that the pandemic and rising crime has had on business, Eric’s commitment to investigate government corruption, EDD fraud and California’s out-of-control regulatory structure and to fight to stop business and job killing Covid related mandates, as well as his tough on crime policies and strong support for law enforcement, is the business-friendly agenda that our Chamber members can enthusiastically support. We look forward to working with Eric as our next California Attorney General,”

“Any time a candidate can win the support of the grassroots in a campaign that’s a big advantage because the boots on the ground are what win competitive elections,” said Placer County Republican Party Chairman Mark Wright.  “Eric is the right person at the right time for California and we are proud to support his campaign for California Attorney General.

“California’s elected officials have shown no respect for my brothers and sisters in law enforcement for far too long.  Eric has been one of the very few public voices continually taking our side, even when times have been at their worst.  He is brave and relentless.  Eric is a fighter for our cops, for our crime victims, and for law and order.  California needs Eric right now for Attorney General.  He has my full support.”

“Eric’s tenacity and drive inspired our Committee members to endorse him with a two-thirds majority vote.   He is not a typical politician, but rather a no-nonsense, practical individual who will bring about much needed change in California.”

“Eric is the fighter that California needs right now for Attorney General.  He understands the law and how to use it to keep you and your family safe. He has the integrity, intelligence, experience, and strength of character to fight for all Californians. He will be the friend law enforcement has not had for far too long in our Attorney General. Eric Early also has the courage to protect all children of all races from the anti-American indoctrination going on in their schools. Eric represents much-needed change for California and he has my full support.”

Eric Early for California Attorney General Major issues: crime; stopping critical race theory; and voter integrity

Latinos United for America
Endorses Eric Early For California Attorney General because it’s time to put America First.

Orrin Heatlie
Lead Proponent of Recall Gavin Newsom; Yolo County Sheriff’s Sergeant (Ret.)

James Fenkner
CEO, Fair Education Santa Barbara

Concerned Citizens of La Quinta CA

Fresno County Republican Central Committee

Jenn Horn
Host of the Morning Answer AM870

Judge Steven Bailey (Ret.)

Robert Herring
Chairman of One America News Network

Police Chief Gary Cuso-Vasquez (Retired, City of Montebello)

Police Chief Ed Dadisho (Retired, Suisun City, CA)

Jason Greenough
Mayor of Crescent City, CA


Mike Netter
Co-Main Proponent of Recall Gavin Newsom

California College Republicans

Charles Herring
President, One America News Network

Santa Barbara County Republican Party Central Committee

Fred Dryer
Former Los Angeles RAMS defensive end great, start in the tv series Hunter