Securing the Border

“A nation that cannot control its borders is not a nation,” said President Ronald Reagan. I could not agree more. I am the child of two legal immigrants to America. I like every conservative I know, strongly supports legal immigration. However, because of our porous borders, illegal immigration has been allowed to continue largely unabated. My opponent never opens his mouth about the subject and never takes to task those in his party who openly support open borders. Thus, he at a minimum, tacitly supports the same open borders. Tremendous strains have been placed on our nation’s resources and our society and the unabated flood of illegal immigration is a smack in the face of the hundreds of thousands of our citizens-in-waiting, who have sacrificed and gone to great lengths to become Americans the legal way. We must fix our broken immigration system, but any fix must begin with securing our borders.

If we cannot control the flow of people coming here illegally just to live, how do we expect to stop anyone who wants to sneak over our borders to cause America harm. Illegal immigration in California alone is costing our state more than $20 billion per year, while so many of our citizens struggle financially and so many public services are broken down for lack of money. Now California has decided to pay for medical benefits for illegal immigrants, and the Sanctuary State law is being used to protect illegal immigrants who not only came here illegally, but who have committed felonies since they got here. The law is not being used to protect the 2 million people here illegally but who have not subsequently committed crimes. That is why I call the law, The Illegal Immigrant Felon Protection Act. No state and no country should protect such people. State and local law enforcement must be allowed to immediately turn such criminals over to ICE.