NOVEMBER 24, 2021

Leading Republican Candidate for California Attorney General Eric Early today stated:

“California has become a Criminal’s Paradise.  They roam our streets, terrorize our people and rob and vandalize with impunity.  Flash mobs now invade major shopping malls putting all Californians at risk and destroying businesses.

The question is, ‘Where is our Attorney General?’  The answer:  He is completely AWOL.  Why?  Because he believes violent criminals should be treated leniently.  He considers them the ‘victims’.  He has no respect whatsoever for law enforcement.  The same goes for the Governor who issues a nothing statement about how ‘we must be tough on crime’ and then supports every law and policy which has led to the lawlessness.”

California’s Attorney General is the top law enforcement and legal officer in the state.  Every county District Attorney in the state reports to the Attorney General.

As Attorney General, I would take the following immediate steps:

  1. Schedule a summit of all California District Attorneys, Sheriffs, Police Chiefs and Mayors to address the latest “flash and grab” violence and theft.
  2. Require the immediate preparation of a coordinated law enforcement effort to stop the lawlessness.
  3. Require that all efforts be taken to locate, round-up and arrest the “flash and grab” thieves.
  4. Openly and continuously support our brave men and women of law enforcement.
  5. Demand that all District Attorneys prosecute the criminals to the fullest extent of the law without eliminating special enhancements.
  6. Take over the prosecution from rogue District Attorneys like George Gascon of Los Angeles County and Chesa Boudin of San Francisco — pursuant to the Constitutional powers invested in the AG — if they will not follow these requirements.
  7. Take all available steps to repeal Proposition 47 which has led to the statewide explosion in crime.

There should be no surprise why we are witnessing the increasing lawlessness in Los Angeles and San Francisco:  The criminals know that nothing will happen to them thanks to the flat-out demented District Attorneys in those counties.

As AG, I will also require that all DAs and representatives of Law Enforcement have a “seat at the table” as part of the state’s ongoing efforts to prevent crime and maintain law and order.

We must protect all law abiding Californians and businesses big and small.  The other side tries to make this a matter of race.  This has nothing at all to do with race.  I fight for all law abiding Californians of all races, creeds, colors and sexual orientation, the majority of whom support law enforcement.

It is time again that we had a tough, no nonsense, non-politically correct Attorney General – Eric Early — for California.